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Product/Service >> Inorganic Chemistry IE 3E-ISBN 9780131201989

Inorganic Chemistry IE 3E-ISBN 9780131201989 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Inorganic Chemistry IE 3E-ISBN 9780131201989


Inorganic Chemistry IE 3E-ISBN 9780131201989

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Inorganic Chemistry 3ED

ISBN 9780131201989



For one/two-semester, junior/senior-level courses in Inorganic Chemistry.

This highly readable text provides the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry at a level that is neither too high (for novice students) nor too low (for advanced students). It has been praised for its coverage of theoretical inorganic chemistry. It discusses molecular symmetry earlier than other texts and builds on this foundation in later chapters. Plenty of supporting book references encourage instructors and students to further explore topics of interest.


New to this Edition

  • Coverage of oxidation-reduction reactions.
    • Helps students understand main group and transition metal chemistry.

  • Updated and reorganized material throughout-Includes recent literature references.
    • Keeps students abreast of the latest changes in the field.

  • Web-based problems.
    • Encourages students to use Internet resources to solve problems.

  • Problems using software for molecular orbital calculations.
    • Allows students to calculate and observe shapes and energies of molecular orbitals.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry. 
2. Atomic Structure. 
3. Simple Bonding Theory. 
4. Symmetry and Group Theory. 
5. Molecular Orbitals. 
6. Acid-Base and Donor-Acceptor Chemistry. 
7. The Crystalline Solid State. 
8. Chemistry of the Main Group Elements. 
9. Coordination Chemistry I: Structures and Isomers.
10. Coordination Chemistry II: Bonding.
11. Coordination Chemistry III: Electronic Spectra.
12. Coordination Chemistry IV: Reactions and Mechanisms.
13. Organometallic Chemistry.
14. Organometallic Reactions and Catalysis.
15. Parallels Between Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry.
16. Bioinorganic and Environmental Chemistry.
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