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Product/Service >> Burgers Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery and Development 7th Ed 8 Vol Set ISBN 9780470278154

Burgers Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery and Development 7th Ed 8 Vol Set ISBN 9780470278154 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Burgers Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery and Development 7th Ed 8 Vol Set ISBN 9780470278154


Burgers Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery and Development 7th Ed 8 Vol Set ISBN 9780470278154

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Burger's Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery and Development 7th Ed 8 Vol Set ISBN 9780470278154

Donald J. Abraham, David P. Rotella



Now in its seventh edition, Burger's Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development provides an established, recognized, authoritative and comprehensive source on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development. This flagship reference for medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical professions has been thoroughly updated and expanded across 8 volumes to incorporate the entire process of drug development (preclinical testing, clinical trials, etc.) alongside the traditional strengths in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.


Table of Content

Volume 1: Methods in Drug Discovery.

History of Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships.

Mass spectrometry and drug discovery.

Chirality and Biological Activity.

Analog design.

SNPs: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Pharmacogenomics - individually designed drug therapy.

Design of peptidomimetics.

Dual Acting Drugs.

Combinational chemistry and multiple parallel synthesis.

Allosteric proteins and drug discovery.

Principles of drug metabolism.

Pharmacophore-based drug design.

Use of biological fingerprints vs Structure/chemotypes to describe molecules.

Recent advances in development, validation and exploitation of QSAR models.

The Application of recombinant DNA Technology in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

Structural genomics, its application in Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Drug Discovery.

Volume 2: Discovering Lead Molecules.

Virtual screening.

Utility and applications of in vitro ADMET profiling in lead discovery.

Retrometabolism-Based Drug Design and Targeting.

Natural product screening.

Microbes to man; from the depths to drugs.

Multi-objective Optimization For Drug Discovery.

GPCR homology model development and applications.

Structural Alerts for Toxicity.

Protein - Protein Interactions as Drug Discovery Targets.

NMR-based Screening and Drug Discovery.

Membrane transport proteins and drug transport.

Receptor targets in drug discovery and development.

Selective Toxicities.

Chemogenomics - Systematization of Drug Discovery.

Docking and Scoring in Drug Discovery.

Recent Trends in Structure-Based Drug Design and Energetics.

QM and QM/MM Approaches to Evaluating Binding Affinities.

Assessing the Bioavailability of Drug Delivery Systems: Mathematical Modeling.

Protein flexibility in in silico screening.

Volume 3: Drug Development.

Large scale and scale up synthesis.

Physicochemical characterization and principles of oral dosage form selection.

The FDA and drug regulatory issues.

Intellectual property in drug discovery and biotechnology.

Polymorphism and conjugation in drug delivery (crystal engineering).

Prodrugs: Strategic Deployment, Metabolic Considerations and Chemical Design Principles.

Process Development of Protein Therapeutics.

Cost-Effectiveness Analyses throughout the Drug Development Life Cycle.

Provisional BCS Classification of the Leading Oral Drugs on the Global Market.

The role of permeability in drug ADME/PK, interactions and toxicity, and the Permeability-based Classification System (PCS).

Salt screening and selection.

Enzymatic assays for HTS or Assay Development for HTS.

Crystallographic Survey of the Endogenous Albumin Drug Transport System and its Application in Cancer Chemotherapy.

Nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals.

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