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Product/Service >> MBA >> MBA/Y/Ex MBA -English Edition >> Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations ,5E

Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations ,5E - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations ,5E


Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations ,5E

Code: 000061
Price: 990.00 THB (Ref. 29.12 USD)

Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations ,5E Description : "From Shanghai to San Francisco, IT is playing an increasingly vital role in helping organizations gain the competitive advantage around the globe. That's why this Fifth Edition of Information Technology for Management offers a global perspective on how IT is transforming business." In this comprehensive, up-to-date Fifth Edition, Efraim Turban, Ephraim McLean, James Wetherbe, and new coauthor Dorothy Leidner present late-breaking developments in the field, as well as a new chapter on Global Interorganizational Systems. Table of Contents : 1 Strategic use of information technology in the digital economy 1 2 Information technologies : concepts and management 48 3 Network computing : discovery, communication, and collaboration 89 4 E-business and E-commerce 137 5 Mobile, wireless, and pervasive computing 185 6 Transaction processing, functional applications, and integration 244 7 Enterprise systems : from supply chains to ERP to CRM 293 8 Interorganizational and global information systems 331 9 Knowledge management 365 10 Data management : warehousing, analyzing, mining, and visualization 406 11 Management decision support and intelligent systems 456 12 Using information technology for strategic advantage 505 13 Information technology economics 552 14 Acquiring IT applications and infrastructure 594 15 Managing information resources and security 632 16 The impacts of information technology on individuals, organizations, and society 688 Technology guides (online)

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