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Product/Service >> Accounting and Taxation >> Managerial Accounting >> Accounting for Managers : Text and Cases ISBN 9780324291216

Accounting for Managers : Text and Cases   ISBN  9780324291216 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Accounting for Managers : Text and Cases   ISBN  9780324291216


Accounting for Managers : Text and Cases ISBN 9780324291216

Code: 002205
Price: 850.00 THB (Ref. 850.00 USD)

Descriptions :

ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGERS does not ask the student to know everything an accountant would know, it does introduce them to the terminology, forms, and formats of financial statements and accounting analyses and illustrations used by accountants. This highly touted text, using the Harvard Case Method, will prepare your students to deal with the current and future developments that face accountants and managers in situations where complex financial events and status must be communicated.


Table of contents :


Part 1 : An Overview of Accounting and Financial Reporting         

  • The Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and Some Accounting Concepts Case: Chemalite, Inc.               
  • Introduction to Accounting Records Case: Hanson Ski Products Case: Thumbs Up Video, Inc.       
  • Case: Monterrey Manufacturing Company Introduction to Financial Ratios and Financial Statements Case: Indentify the Industries - 1996              
  • Case: Colgate-Palmolive Company           

Part 2 : How Accountants Measure and Report   

  • Accounting for Current Assets Case: LIFO or FIFO?          
  • That is the Question Recognizing Revenues and Expenses: When is Income Earned?       
  • Case: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Case: Circuit City Stores, Inc.       
  • (A) Case: Intel Pentium Chip Controversy             
  • (A) Accounting for Property, Plant, Equipment and Other Assets Case: Depreciation at Delta Air Lines and Singapore Airlines               
  • (A) Case: Depreciation at Delta Air Lines and Singapore Airlines
  • (B) Case: Kansas City Zephyrs Baseball Club, Inc              
  • Case: Buying Time Liabilities and Time
  • Case: Laurinburg Precision Engineering
  • Case: Belgrave Corporation         
  • Case: Accounting for Frequent Flyers Introduction to Owner's Equity       
  • Case: FMC Corporation Solving the Puzzle of the Cash Flow Statement    
  • Case: Statement of Cash Flows: Three Examples               
  • Case: Crystal Meadows of Tahoe, Inc.     

Part 3 : Managing Financial Reporting   

  • Auditors and Their Opinions Case: Total Fitness, Inc.     
  • (A) Esperanto for Accountants Case: WPP Group and Its Acquisitions      
  • Diversity in Accounting Principles Case: Kendall Square Research Corporation    
  • (A) Case: Harnischfeger Corporation       

Part 4 : Cost Concepts and Analysis         

  • Understanding Costs for Management Decisions               
  • Case: Precision Worldwide, Inc 
  • Case: Lille Tissages, SA 
  • Case: Prestige Telephone Company A Brief Introduction to Cost Accounting         
  • Case: Hilton Manufacturing Company    

Part 5 : Product Costing and an Introduction to Cost Management             

  • Accounting for Indirect Costs     
  • Case: Seligram, Inc.: Electronic Testing Operations Activity         
  • Accounting: Another Way to Measure Costs         
  • Case: Destin Brass Products Co 
  • Case: Siemens Electric Motor Works (A) Case: Kanthal (A)            
  • Standard Costs and Variance Analysis Case: Waltham Motors Division    
  • Case: Mile High Cycles  
  • Case: Polysar Limited    

Part 6 : Analysis for Capital Investment Decisions             

  • Basic Capital Investment Analysis           
  • Case: Riverbend Telephone Company Case: Reto S.A.     
  • Case: The Super Project

Part 7 : Measurements for Management Control

  • Control in an Age of Empowerment         
  • Case: Indianapolis: Implementing Competition in City Services 
  • Case: Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks?         
  • (A) Case: Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.: Planning and Control System               
  • Responsibility Centers and Performance Measurement  
  • Case: Western Chemical Corporation      
  • The Balanced Scorecard - Measures that Drive Performance         
  • Case: Chadwick, Inc.      
  • Review Cases    
  • Consulting Partners & Co.            
  • King's Mountain Distillery, Inc
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