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Product/Service >> Accounting and Taxation >> Managerial Accounting >> Management Accounting ISBN 9780324311358

Management Accounting ISBN 9780324311358 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Management Accounting ISBN 9780324311358


Management Accounting ISBN 9780324311358

Code: 000623
Price: 920.00 THB (Ref. 27.06 USD)

Management Accounting Description: Integrates coverage of both functional-based management topics (such as job-order and process costing) and activity-based management topics (such as strategic cost analysis, activity-based tactical decision making, productivity measurement and control, quality cost management, theory of constraints, process value analysis and international topics). This approach emphasizes that changing conditions often require a change in cost management systems. Table of Contents : Ch.1 Introduction to Management Accounting. Ch.2 Basic Management Accounting Concepts. Ch.3 Cost Behavior. Ch.4 CVP. Ch.5 Job Order Costing and Overhead. Ch.6 Process Costing. Ch.7 ABC/ABM. APPENDIX: QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL COSTING. Ch.8 Profit Planning - Budgeting. Ch.9 Standard Costs. APPENDIX: TARGET COSTING, KAIZEN COSTING. Ch.10 Flexible Budgets and Overhead Analysis. Ch.11 Performance Evaluation, Decentralization, Balanced Scorecard. APPENDIX: VARIABLE AND ABSORPTION COSTING. Ch.12 Differential (Relevant) Costing, Theory of Constraints. Ch.13 Capital Budgeting. Ch.14 Support Department Allocation. Ch.15 Statement of Cash Flows. Ch.16 Financial Statement Analysis.

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