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Product/Service >> ENGINEERING >> Electronic Engineering >> Electronic Record >> Audio Metering : Measurements, Standards and Practice ISBN 9780240814674

Audio Metering : Measurements, Standards and Practice  ISBN 9780240814674 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Audio Metering : Measurements, Standards and Practice  ISBN 9780240814674


Audio Metering : Measurements, Standards and Practice ISBN 9780240814674

Code: 003682
Price: 2,100.00 THB (Ref. 2,100.00 USD)

Descriptions :

This new edition includes

* Current information on loudness metering, covering existing and new standards, defining terms like LU, RLB, and LKFS

* Explanations of music sounds and structures

* An extended chapter on topics relevant to the sound engineer in the field of psychoacoustics

* More details on speech intelligibility and it's measures

* The skills needed for both small room acoustics and large auditoriums sound design without losing sound quality

* An extended glossary

Packed full of valuable information that can be applied to a wide variety of everyday tasks, this handbook is essential reading for all technicians and engineers working with acoustics, electro acoustics and audio forensics.  It also provides essential information for anyone working with loudspeakers and large scale amplifiers, including sound design for theatrical and live audio set-ups

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Acoustic Sound

Chapter 2: From Acoustics Sound to Electrical Signals

Chapter 3: Digital representation

Chapter 4: Signal types

Chapter 5: How Large is an Audio Signal?

Chapter 6: The db concept

Chapter 7: The ear, hearing, and level perception

Chapter 8: Time weighing

Chapter 9: Frequency weighting and filters

Chapter 10: Determination of loudness

Chapter 11: Characteristics of Level Meters

Chapter 12: The Standard Volume Indicator (VU Meter)

Chapter 13: Peak program meter-PPM

Chapter 14: Loudness Metering

Chapter 15: Calibration of Level Meters

Chapter 16: Relationships Between Scales

Chapter 17: Dynamic Scales

Chapter 18: Polarity and Phase Reading

Chapter 19: Display of Level Distrubution

Chapter 20: Multi-Channel and Surround Sound

Chapter 21: Standards and Practices

Chapter 22: Summation of Audio Signals

Chapter 23: Digital Interface

Chapter 24: Where to Connect a Meter

Chapter 25: Fast Fourier Transformation

Chapter 26: Spectrum Analyzer

Chapter 27: Other Measurement Systems

Chapter 28: Measurement Signals

Chapter 29: Sound Level Meters

Chapter 30: NR and NC Curves

Chapter 31: Room Acoustics Measures

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