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Product/Service >> SCIENCE >> Chemistry >> General Chemistry >> Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation ISBN 9780618803279

Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation  ISBN 9780618803279 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation  ISBN 9780618803279


Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation ISBN 9780618803279

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Descriptions :

The Sixth Edition of Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation offers unparalleled teaching and learning resources, with a robust technology package, in addition to the superior problem-solving pedagogy, engaging writing style, and strong emphasis on everyday applications that comprise the hallmarks of this best-selling text. Chemical reactions are covered early, to capture student interest, leaving more abstract material for later chapters.The authors explain chemical concepts by starting with the basics, using symbols or diagrams, and concluding by encouraging students to test their own comprehension of the solution. This step-by-step approach helps students develop critical problem-solving skills. Also, the accessible explanations and visualizations throughout the text motivate students and engage them in the material by helping them to connect abstract chemical principles to real-life experiences. The pedagogy includes chapter-opening discussions that introduce students to relevant applications and Chemistry in Focus boxes that describe everyday applications of chemistry such as artificial sweeteners, foaming chewing gum, and fake fats. Current applications appear throughout the text with easy-to-understand explanations and analogies.

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1 : Chemistry: An Introduction

Chapter 2 : Measurements And Calculations

Chapter 3 : Matter

Chapter 4 : Chemical Foundations: Elements, Atoms, And Ions

Chapter 5 : Nomenclature

Chapter 6 : Chemical Reactions: An Introduction

Chapter 7 : Reactions In Aqueous Solutions

Chapter 8 : Chemical Composition

Chapter 9 : Chemical Quantities

Chapter 10 : Energy

Chapter 11 : Modern Atomic Theory

Chapter 12 : Chemical Bonding

Chapter 13 : Gases

Chapter 14 : Liquids And Solids

Chapter 15 : Solutions

Chapter 16 : Acids And Bases

Chapter 17 : Equilibrium

Chapter 18 : Oxidation-Reduction Reactions And Electrochemistry

Chapter 19 : Radioactivity And Nuclear Energy

Chapter 20 : Organic Chemistry

Chapter 21 : Biochemistry

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