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Product/Service >> SCIENCE >> Chemistry >> Organic and Biochemistry >> Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic and Biochemistry 6ED ISBN 9780495015048

Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic and Biochemistry  6ED ISBN 9780495015048 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic and Biochemistry  6ED ISBN 9780495015048


Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic and Biochemistry 6ED ISBN 9780495015048

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Descriptions :

The 48 experiments in this well-conceived manual illustrate important concepts and principles in general, organic and biochemistry. All experiments include Pre and Post-Lab Questions, which have been revised for the new edition. The lab manual can be customized to include only the experiments used in a specific course, or to include materials unique to individual adopters.

Table of contents :

1. Laboratory Techniques: Use of Laboratory Gas Burner; Making Laboratory Measurements. 2. Density Determination. 3. The Separation of the Components of a Mixture. 4. Resolution of Mixture by Distillation. 5. The Empirical Formula of a Compound: The Law of Constant Composition. 6. Determination of the Formula of a Metal Oxide. 7. Classes of Chemical Reactions. 8. Chemical Properties of Consumer Products. 9. Calorimetry: The Determination of the Specific Heat of a Metal. 10. Boyle''s Law: The Pressure-Volume Relationship of a Gas. 11. Charles''s Law: The Volume-Temperature Relationship of a Gas. 12. Properties of Gases: Determination of the Molecular Weight of a Volatile liquid. 13. Physical Properties of Chemicals: Melting Point, Sublimation, and Boiling Point. 14. Solubility and Solution. 15. Water of Hydration. 16. Factors Affecting Rate of Reactions. 17. Law of Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier''s Principle. 18. pH and Buffer Solutions. 19. Analysis of Vinegar by Titrations. 20. Analysis of Antacid Tablets. 21. Structure in Organic Compounds: Use of Molecular Models I. 22. Stereochemistry: Use of Molecular models II. 23. Column and Paper Chromatography: Separation of Plant Pigments. 24. Identification of Hydrocarbons. 25. Identification of Alcohols and Phenols. 26. Identification of Aldehydes and Ketones. 27. Properties of Carboxylic Acids and Esters. 28. Properties of Amines and Amides. 29. Polymerization Reactions. 30. Preparation of Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin). 31. Isolation of Caffeine from Tea Leaves. 32. Carbohydrates. 33. Fermentation of a Carbohydrate: Ethanol from Sucrose. 34. Preparation and Properties of Soap. 35. Preparation of Hand Cream. 36. Extraction and Identification of Fatty Acids from Corn Oil. 37. Analysis of Lipids. 38. Separation of Amino Acids by Paper-chromatography. 39. Acid-Base Properties of Amino Acids. 40. Isolation and Identification of Casein. 41. Properties of Enzymes. 42. Neurotransmission: An Example of Enzyme Specificity. 43. Isolation and Identification of DNA from Onion. 44. Viscosity and Secondary Structure of DNA. 45. Kinetics of Urease Catalyzed Decomposition of Urea. 46. Isocitrate Dehydrogenase: An Enzyme of the Citric Acid Cycle. 47. Quantitative Analysis of Vitamin C Contained in Foods. 48. Analysis of Vitamin A in Margarine. Appendices: 1. List of Apparatus and Equipment in Student''s Locker. 2. List of Common Laboratory Equipment and Materials in the Laboratory. 3. Special Equipment and Chemicals.Etc.

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