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Electronic Commerce Technology,6/2006:

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Electronic Commerce Technology,6/2006 ISBN10: 0619217049/ISBN13: 9780619217044Author: SCHNEIDER/Copyright: 6/2006Paperback / 624 P. Description :Electronic Commerce, Sixth Ed
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  • หมวดหมู่ : E-Commerce
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รายละเอียดสินค้า Electronic Commerce Technology,6/2006:

Electronic Commerce Technology,6/2006


ISBN10: 0619217049/ISBN13: 9780619217044

Author: SCHNEIDER/Copyright: 6/2006

Paperback / 624 P.


Description :

Electronic Commerce, Sixth Edition, by Gary Schneider, builds on the success of previous editions by detailing how the landscape of online commerce is changing and evolving. Reflecting changes in the economy and how businesses are responding, this text emphasizes revenue and transaction cost reduction models as an alternative to the older ideas of business models. Readers become aware of the latest technological developments, including increased coverage of wireless technology (m-commerce). The pedagogical value of this new edition is enhanced through a fresh 2-color interior, new and updated material that balances the technological with the strategic aspects of successful e-commerce, and a new, real-world case study, maintaining a clear business focus.


Table of Content

Part 1: Introduction

1. Introduction to Electronic Commerce
2. Technology Infrastructure: The Internet and the World Wide Web

Part 2: Business Strategies for Electronic Commerce

3. Selling on the Web: Revenue Models and Building a Web Presence
4. Marketing on the Web
5. Business-to-Business Strategies: From Electronic Data Interchange to Electronic Commerce
6. Online Auctions, Virtual Communities, and Web Portals
7. The Environment of Electronic Commerce: Legal, Ethical, and Tax Issues

Part 3: Technologies for Electronic Commerce

8. Web Server Hardware and Software
9. Electronic Commerce Software
10. Electronic Commerce Security
11. Payment Systems for Electronic Commerce

Part 4: Integration

12. Planning for Electronic Commerce