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Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook ISBN 9781604270105

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Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook, Author: Jih-Jiang Chyu , Edition : 1/2009, ISBN 1604270101 / 9781604270105 , 1ed /2009, Paperback
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  • หมวดหมู่ : การวิเคราะห์โครงสร้าง-Structural Analysis
  • รหัสสินค้า : 001613

รายละเอียดสินค้า Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook ISBN 9781604270105

Description :

The Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook presents a mathematically rigorous treatment of beams based on elastic theory written at a technical level that is as simple as can be achieved without losing clarity. Practitioners will quickly learn the essentials to apply elastic beam calculations in their work. This much-needed comprehensive reference covers elastic beams with varying material and section properties, support conditions, span lengths, and other important geometric features. It provides simple and logical presentations of elastic beam problems by addressing each as corollaries of a more general theorem, consequently resulting in numerical work that can be planned and executed with ease, clarity, and optimal results. Structural engineers concerned directly with structural analysis of elastic beam problems will find many examples of useful and neat solutions and the rationale for their validity.

Key Features :

--Offers a clear and systematic presentation of hundreds of problems and topics with detailed explanations of the methods and rationale used to obtain solutions

-- Promotes critical thinking through rigorous mathematical deduction by delineation of the interconnectedness among various topics

-- Demonstrates the physical significance of formulae, reveals pertinent parameters, and delineates their effects on the solutions

-- Provides the analytical competence of critical thinking in the formulation of elastic beam problems and closed form solutions

-- Illustrates the usual assumptions, principles, methods and procedures within the framework of linear elastic behavior of materials that are either explicitly cited or implicitly utilized


Table of content :

Basic theory --

Simple beams : an introduction to the general approach --

Continuous beams --

Beams on elastic foundations --

Cantilevers --

Examples of beam formulae : explorations and commentary.

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