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Residential Construction Management ISBN 9781604270228

Residential Construction Management ; Managing According to the Project Lifecycle ; ISBN 9781604270228 , Author : Joseph A. Griffin , Edition : 1/2010 , Softcover, 6x9, 288 pages
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  • หมวดหมู่ : Project Management
  • รหัสสินค้า : 001693

รายละเอียดสินค้า Residential Construction Management ISBN 9781604270228

Descriptions :

Residential Construction Management will provide construction managers a concise and practical guide to managing residential construction projects. One of the fundamental reasons residential contractors fail to prosper is that they are poor managers. By presenting project management tools in their appropriate context of the project lifecycle—initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing—readers will more clearly understand the iterative nature of construction management, which is a key to successfully managing a construction project. You can’t afford to be without this indispensible working tool and its step-by-step instructions, project management templates, and real-world case studies.


Table of contents :

Chapter 1 Project Management and Residential Construction

Project Management

     Definition of a Project


     Project Lifecycle

Residential Construction


Chapter 2 Initiating the Construction Project


     Where Do Ideas Come From?

     When to Assign a Project Manager

The Initiation Process

     Creating the Project Proposal

     Reviewing the Project Proposal

     Approving the Project Proposal

     Transitioning to the Planning Phase


Chapter 3 Planning the Construction Project

Overview of the Chapter

Nature of the Planning Phase

Overview of the Project Plan Components

     Project Scope and Scope Management Plan

     Construction Schedule

     Cost Control

     Quality Assurance

     Human Resource


     Risk Management

     Purchasing and Contract Administration

     Project Documentation and Project Baselines

Customizing the Project Plan

Developing the Project Plan

     Project Scope and Scope Management

     Construction Schedule

     Cost Control Plan

     Quality Assurance Plan

     Human Resource Plan

     Communication Plan

     Risk Management Plan

     Purchasing and Contract Administration Plan

Project Documentation and Project Baselines

Transitioning to the Execution Phase


Chapter 4 Executing the Construction Project

Characteristics Needed for Successful Execution


     Highly Aware

     Service Oriented

     A Problem Solver

     An Effective Communicator

Project Execution

     Executing the Work Breakdown Structure

     Section 1.1—Permitting and Site Prep

     Section 1.2—Foundation, Framing, and Rough-ins

     Section 1.3—Interior Finishes

     Section 1.4—Exterior Work and Finishes

     Section 1.5—Final Inspections

     Executing Management Plans

Transitioning to the Controlling Phase

Chapter 5 Controlling the Construction Project

Performance Evaluation

     Primary Purpose of Performance Evaluation

     Types of Performance Evaluation

     Areas of Performance Evaluation

     Methods of Performance Evaluation

     Methods of Corrective Action

     Earned Value Management

     Risk Management Plan

     Specific Performance Evaluation Techniques

     Method of Process Improvement

Integrated Change Control

     Integrated Change Control Defined

     Construction Change Control

     Process Change Control


Chapter 6 Closing the Construction Project


     Final Inspection

     Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

     Final Client Approval

     Builder-provided Closing Documents and Final Financial Statement

     Property Closing

     Warranty Procedures

     Client Feedback

Job Site

Construction Stakeholders

Project File

Project Team

Audit Procedures

Closing an Unsuccessful Project

Concluding Comments