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ACTIVE Skills for Reading 4 ISBN 9781424002368

ACTIVE Skills for Reading 4 ISBN 9781424002368 , Author : Neil J. Anderson , 240 Pages , Paperback Classic , 2nd ©2008 , Published Thomson ELT.<br>
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  • หมวดหมู่ : Text Book/Workbook
  • รหัสสินค้า : 001757

รายละเอียดสินค้า ACTIVE Skills for Reading 4 ISBN 9781424002368

Descriptions  :

New intro level builds the reading skills of beginning learners. 

Twelve updated thematic units carefully develop active reading skills by incorporating pre-reading activities, vocabulary development activities, critical thinking opportunities, timed readings, and opportunities to increase students' reading fluency.

Four "Building Reading Fluency" review sections focus on developing reading speed and fluency.

Enhanced and varied reading selections include newspaper articles, web sites, blogs, journals, letters, and more for variety.

Focus on critical thinking encourages students to go beyond reading comprehension to analyze each text and the author's intent.

Students increase their reading fluency by reading passages, graphs, charts, and interviews, and by practicing skills such as scanning, predicting, and looking for the main idea of a reading passage.

Audio Program allows students to hear the readings.

Teacher's Manuals include an introduction to the methodology, a unit walk-through, and detailed lesson notes.

Web site includes internet search activities to promote extensive reading.

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView Pro test-generating software allows instructors to create custom tests and quizzes quickly and easily.


Table of contents :

1. the looking for work

2. computer culture

3. thravel adventures review 1

4. haunted by the past

5. a good read

6. a new generation of thinking review 2

7. it's dinner time

8. beyond planet earth

9. energy for life review 3

10. language and life

11. the natural world

12. music: influence and innovation

Rreview 4